Transforming businesses through the use of innovative technological solutions

About ETS Investments

ETS Investment’s key focus is in the Investment of the next generation technology platforms for business transformation. We invest in new innovations of business tools and data, which will enable companies to unlock the value trapped in their existing process, systems and data, and enable business to achieve their growth objectives, without undergoing large scales IT and business transformation projects.

Business Transformation Platform

Business transformation is a true test of leadership, vision, and business execution. The terms is widely used and in many cases it is infused with digital transformation, which in fact is simply an execution route, where the focus on business process transformation is to use technology tools to enable business to achieve their objectives. However this approach is often internally focused on driving business efficiencies that enables companies to perform their current functions without necessarily changing some of the key fundamentals that will drive growth and profitability to new levels.

The focus of ETS Investment is to build a true Business Transformation Platform:

  • that will enable businesses to define , build, simulate business transformation journey(s) with total focus on outcomes.
  • allow business leaders to simulate discrete transformation events to specific business objectives using technology and market data.
  • allow business leadership to benchmark business performance against competitors and peers.
  • allow business leadership to forecast and track critical business outcomes linked to external market conditions , hence enabling proactive decisions to reduce or capitalise the impact of external factors on the business.
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